Welcome New Year 2015!

So long 2014!

Very soon the tree will come down and all the decorations will be packed away.  I always feel a bit of mixed emotions this time of year.

A part of me feels a bit nostalgic as I pack the ornaments away for another year.  However, mostly I'm filled with excitement for what the new year will bring.

Part of teaching is reflecting on what's been done and planning for the future.  As I think about 2015, my head is filled with plans to be made and projects to be done.  I am content to move on to a new year full of empty pages ready to be written.

I hope that your 2014 was filled with blessings and that your 2015 has more blessing to come!  Whether your going out for celebrations or staying home by a nice warm fire, be safe and may God bless!

Meet the Crew!

I would like for you to meet Bear, our two year old schnauzer and definitely my partner in crime!  On the days that I am home, he follows me around, supervising my activities, often sitting on my lap while I work on my computer.  Absolutely nothing goes out without his final approval!

Bear posing for his photo op!

My other friend is Heisenberg.  He is actually visiting with my son and not a permanent resident.  However, I have grown quite fond of him during his visit and will miss him when he returns to school. He is inhabiting the upstairs part of the house, while Bear primarily stays downstairs.  This seems to be working out as a compatible situation.  He peaks through the stair railing to oversee and approve (or disapprove) of our activities.  I wish that Heisenberg and Bear could become better friends, but such is life!

Heisenberg lounging as usual!

Bear and Heisenberg are my companions during the day. I often find myself sharing my thoughts with them.  They are truly both members or the family and life wouldn't be the same without them. Thanks for stopping by and meeting the crew!