One Word – Simplify

Simplify ……this has been my goal in life for oh, so many  years.  I crave simplicity …. in my home, in my mind, in all that I do.

I have an inherent belief that if I can simplify all aspects of my life.  I’m not sure that this is truly possible as we live in an extremely complex world.  However, it has been my goal for quite awhile now, so I will continue to strive for this.  I believe that if I can truly simplify my life then I will find the peace and serenity that I truly desire.  I believe that I’m not alone in this pursuit.

With my goal being to create a simple life, each day I begin with a vision of what this simple life will look like.  For me,  the first step is to start with my home.  I want my home to be as clean, simple and clutter free as possible.  I am currently going through every nook and cranny to eliminate any items that I no longer need or desire.   I don’t want possessions to create complexity in my life.  Clutter makes me anxious.  So, I am striving to eliminate anything that restricts my idea of freedom and joy. 

Another step in the process is how I spend my time.  It’s important to me that my time is spent doing what brings me joy and satisfaction.  As I go through this process, I have found that I am now eliminating  activities that are not as meaningful to insure I have time for the activities that I most enjoy.  Life is full of choices.  It’s important to me to choose activities that bring joy. Sometimes, I have to really stop and consider my goals and what brings me the most joy in making decisions.  I am not as quick or impulsive in agreeing to do some things as I once was.  Often times, I prefer staying home to read a good book or spend time in a creative pursuit rather than filling my time with an activity that has less meaning for me.  The added bonus is that I’m not spending money on something I don’t really want or need.  This allows me to save for those things or activities that are most important!

Several years ago, I heard of the concept of choosing a “word of the year.”  The idea is to choose one word that will guide your life choices for the year.  It’s similar to making a new year’s resolution, but more……simplified!  At the time I thought it was a great idea, but there wasn’t one word that seemed significant to me.  This past year, I ran across the idea in several blogs that I follow.  Again, the idea really appealed to me, but what word to choose!

Well, I suppose this idea has been rolling around in my head for a while now, but I have finally decided to choose simplify as my word for the year. I know that it is already February and that I am behind in this process, but I am not one to make a commitment lightly, even if it just involves choosing a word.

Our life is frittered away by detail…simplify, simplify.

                                                                                   – Henry David Thoreau

I am looking forward to my year of simplicity and eager to learn of the influence it may have on my lifestyle.  I will definitely be sharing along the way.  

If you have a “word of the year,” I would love to hear your word and your thoughts on how your word is effecting your life.  

Sending you blessings for a simplified day!  –  Gerri



In Search of Simplicity

I crave a simple life. A life that is uncluttered, peaceful and serene.  In my mind, I can picture exactly what this life should look like.  I picture my home clean and uncluttered with lots of white mixed with neutrals and textures. A peaceful place to reside.  I picture days clean and uncluttered combining a sweet mix of meditation, healthy activities and creative time.  Is this realistic?  Probably not.  However, for me it is a goal worth striving for.



I have recently been reading The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo, a book about getting rid of the clutter in your home.  Her advise is to get rid of everything in your home that does not “spark joy.” She suggests that you hold each item in your hand and if it does not spark joy than it is history.  You then thank the item for its service as you say your good-byes.  That process may sound silly, but if you have attachment issues, it could be helpful in your quest to releasing your possessions.


This isn’t my first venture into getting rid of clutter, or tidying up as Kondo calls it.  I’ve been trying to declutter my home for several years now!! However, Kondo’s recommendation is to get rid of all your clutter in one fell swoop, not more than six months. So now I have a deadline!  I’m using July 6 as my start-up date which means I should be completely finished by January 6, 2016!  I will keep you posted on my progress!

I am familiar with the blog Becoming Minimalist  and other like-minded souls. Their doctrine is that cutting back on your possessions will allow you more time and more freedom to live your life as you really choose.  Once your free of so many possessions, you have the time to devote to creative activities or travel or whatever you might choose.   In accordance with this, Kondo’s promise is that if you tidy up your home one time thoroughly and completely, you will then have the freedom to spend your time in a more relaxing and creative way.

In my quest for serenity and simplicity, I am going to take Kondo up on her challenge.  Once again, I am going to attempt to release my possessions in search of a sweeter, simpler life.  Wish me luck!


Life is a journey. Enjoy the ride!