Happy Wives Club


Yesterday, my husband and I celebrated 36 years of wedded bliss. We celebrated quietly, as we usually do, without a lot of fanfare, yet savoring our precious time together. We enjoyed a quiet dinner at our favorite Vietnamese restaurant, followed by a quick visit with my mother, who lives in memory care. Then home to take our dog for his evening stroll and a quick visit with our neighbor. It was a quiet, simple evening, not too much different from any other evening. Yet, special to both of us to commemorate the day so long ago when we took vows to share our lives together.

We don’t typically go in for fancy gifts on our anniversary. This year I bought him a houseplant and a bottle of wine. He brought me some red roses and a new book, Happy Wives Club by Fawn Weaver. I laughed at the curious title wondering how he had discovered such a book. I wondered what the content of such a book would be about, thinking it might be referring to another Desperate Housewives scenario.¬†However, upon a closer look, I discovered the book is about one woman’s quest to share stories from women all over the globe about the joys of marriage.

How refreshing!  At a time when the world is filled with negative portrayals of marriage and the divorce rate is sky-high, there is one woman dedicated to finding and sharing the joys of a happy and enduring marriage. I have only read the first two chapters, but I already know this will be a book I will treasure and it will find a spot in my permanent library, never to be given away.

As I reflect over the few posts that I have included in this blog, I realize most of my writing is about simple living and searching for peace and serenity.  I realize how very fortunate I am to have married my best friend who has always supported me through the good times and the more difficult times no matter what the situation.  As we enjoy our days together, we frequently choose to spend our time working in our garden, visiting my mother, and celebrating special occasions at home with our family and friends. Together we have chosen to keep things simple.  We try not to overcrowd our lives with busyness.  We try not to accumulate debt.  We focus on enjoying simple, everyday pleasures together.


Happy Anniversary!

Dedicated to my husband and best friend!

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