Beach Getaway at The Pearl South Padre

There is nothing like a little beach getaway to renew the spirit and sooth the soul.  On a recent family escape, I had the opportunity to do just that at the lovely Pearl South Padre. South Padre Island is a barrier island located on the coastal tip of Texas.  On a clear day,      ( and they’re nearly all clear days) you might see Mexico on the horizon line.   It is a popular resort area known for its clear, blue waters and white, sandy beaches.  South Padre is  also the home of the Schlitterbahn Beach Waterpark.


The Pearl South Padre hosts the largest hotel swimming pool in South Texas.  Adults can enjoy a cool tropical drink from the swim up bar.  Families have plenty of room to frolic and play in the curvy design of the 6000 square foot pool  where there is plenty of room for floats or other pool toys.  If you prefer, you can go under the waterfall to a more secluded swim area.  For the youngest guest there is a separate kiddie pool with slide.  Did I forget to mention there is also a separate heated spa?



From our ocean view balcony it would have been easy to simply spent the entire day merely gazing  at the lush tropical landscape surrounding the pool with the Gulf of Mexico just beyond.  The cooling breeze was ever so delightful even with temperatures soaring into the upper nineties.  A perfect place to relax, read, even nap!


My favorite part  of any beach getaway is walking the beach in the early morning.  I adore watching the mesmerizing repetition of waves rolling into the shore.  I crave the feel of the wet sand under my feet. I am excited as the waves rush up and splash my legs and then ease their way back to the ocean.  Spending time on the beach is definitely the ideal place to relax and enjoy these warm summer days!








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