Gratitude for My Country

Today, in America, we celebrate Veteran’s Day, a day set aside to honor all men and women who have served in the armed forces to fight for and protect this great country.  Where I live, elementary schools are having parades and celebrations to honor our veterans.  Each class has made flags or banners to decorate the halls for the parade.  American flags are lined along the drive to welcome our veterans to the school.  A special breakfast will be held in honor of the veterans.  The students are excited to have mothers, fathers, and grandparents come to school to be honored in the celebration!


It is somewhat ironic that this day of honor and celebration comes on the heals of one of the most controversial presidential elections that I can remember.  Sadly, even though the election is over, the controversy continues.


Have we forgotten how fortunate we are that we live in a democracy where we have the right to choose our elected officials?  What kind of a message are we sending to these young students who look up to us and our example?

It is time for us to put our differences aside and come together and share our gratitude for the freedom that we too often take for granted and to thank our veterans for their service and sacrifices.  Let us remember today and everyday what a great nation we live in and let us UNITE and give thanks for our great country we live in.


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