The Amazing Views of Cinque Terre

The steep, rugged coastline of Cinque Terre is definitely a sight to behold!  Who could resist the magnificent views of the terraced patios and colorful homes cascading down the hillside to the sea!

Cinque Terre, Italy

Located in the northwestern corner of Italy on the Ligurian Sea, Cinque Terre consists of five seaside villages, all with amazing views of the Mediterranean Sea.  The centuries old villages are connected by a series of hiking trails, as cars cannot reach these quaint towns lined along the rugged coast.  The villages are also connected by rail, and each village hosts a train station.  You may purchase tickets online for the Cinque Terre Express to save time and waiting in long lines.  

Cinque Terre, Italy

To experience the fabulous views of the rugged coastline by sea, there are private boats available for excursions, or public ferry boats run from La Spezia to Levanto from after Easter to November 1st each year.  

Portovenere, Italy and the Bay of Poets

Our day began in the charming fisherman’s village of Porto Venere which you can read more about here.  After wandering the historical town and enjoying the views of the marina, we boarded the ferry for our journey to Portofino.  Whether you choose a private tour or decide on the public ferry, the magnificent views of the amazing coastline will not disappoint! 

Cinque Terre, Italy

The public ferry stops at four of the five villages and people will depart and board at each stop.  Corniglea, the smallest of the five villages, is high on a cliff with no beach or marina, but is accessible by train.  Time did not allow us to visit each village.  However, we truly enjoyed getting out on the water and taking in those fabulous views!

Portofino, Italy

Our trip ended at the charming village of Portofino.  Here we enjoyed wandering the village with the many shops and delighted in a fabulous meal at Ristorante Moren.  I can honestly say I enjoyed the best ravioli I ever tasted!  Sadly, I can’t tell you the name of the dish.  It was recommended by the waitress as I had no idea what to order.  It was a seafood ravioli with a touch of lemon and I while I’m normally not a huge foodie, I would return to Portofino just to experience that dish again!

Portovenere, Italy

One day on the Italian Riviera is definitely not enough! This is a spot that I could return to again and again.  Highlights were views of the incredible steep and rugged coastline and experiencing this charming and easygoing Italian lifestyle.  Not to mention that delicious ravioli!

However, as it goes with cruising a day was all we had. Next stop….. Rome!

Until next time – Gerri

5 thoughts on “The Amazing Views of Cinque Terre

  1. NIce photos Gerri. These water-view shots are an excellent addition to photos taken while strolling in the villages. We haven’t been to this part of Italy in a few years, but you know, it never changes much. And that’s part of the charm. Nice post. ~James

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