Lose Yourself to Venice

If ever there was a city in which to simply wander the streets and lose yourself to it’s enchantment, it would have to be the romantic city of Venice.

With it’s labyrinth of canals connected by centuries old bridges, Venice has a way of stealing your heart and captivating your soul. 

  Venice is not the place to hurry through and check places off your sightseeing list. Venice is a place to take your time and leisurely stroll the alleyways, sample the food and wine, and simply  enjoy the atmosphere.

Although there are definitely some “places to see” such as St. Marks Square, if you only have a day or two, in my opinion, you should take your time, meander through the alleyways, and soak in the ambiance. 

If you have the time and the resources, a gondola ride is definitely in order.  It is quite special to float beneath bridges and glide through the canals absorbing the enchantment of Venice from the water.  

To get the full Venetian experience, try taking a waterbus or vaporetta to one of the more than 100 small islands in the Venetian Lagoon.  There are several to chose from including Murano, famous for it’s glass making, and Torcello, which is a nature reserve away from the crowds.  However, if you are fascinated by photos you may have seen of quaint, colorful homes lined along the canals, Burano is the place to see.   

Burano is the home to many local fishermen and toward the end of the day you can see their boats parked along the canals.  It is said that the families painted their homes in bright, colors to be more visible from the sea and to assist the fishermen when coming home during a thick fog.  

Burano is also known for it’s lace making and you may visit the Museo del Merletto ( Museum of Lacemaking ) to learn more about the intricate handmade lace.  Today, there are only a handful of traditional women still making lace on the island.

The canals are lined with shops that will lure you in with their lace products.  However, many of them offer inexpensive imitations made in China.  True Burano lace takes weeks to finish and even a small hankerchief will be 45 euros and up.  

Venice is a very popular place for a wedding, so don’t be surprised if you see a bride or three roaming the streets in their beautiful gowns.  How romantic is that!

With magical waterways and bridges, Venice holds an aura of the surreal and will transport you back to another time.  Take a break from the real world and spend some time in Venice.




8 thoughts on “Lose Yourself to Venice

  1. I love Venice and you’re so right.. it’s the perfect place to wander and get lost it. It’s such a unique atmosphere on the small sidestreets that you’ll never find in the packed walkways.

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